Storytelling: Reading To Your Child

Whether reading a fairy tale book or telling folk tales, storytelling is a fun activity you can enjoy with your child. If you are wondering how it helps your child, read on to find out. Also, find some practical tips to begin reading and give your child a treasured gift that keeps on giving all… Read More »

How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry

Do you constantly feel like you are playing referee, pulling your kids apart and handing them penalty cards? It is disheartening to see your loved ones fight and hurt each other. Until the arrival of the newborn baby, your firstborn had your undivided attention. It becomes difficult for the elder one to cope with this… Read More »

School Meal Ideas for Fussy Eaters

During the mad morning rush, when you are struggling to get your uncooperative toddler ready for preschool, you only have a few minutes to pack their snack box. You get up early to whip a nutritious meal, only to be disappointed later when your child brings an untouched snack box back home. Packing a meal,… Read More »

How to Teach Your Child to Share

Your child’s friend wants to play with your child’s toy truck but your child is not willing to part with it. It leads to the usual cajoling, tantrums, and tears. This is not the first time such an incident has occurred and you are at your wits end as to how to deal with it.… Read More »

First Rice Ceremony | Annaprasan | Mukhe bhaat| bhaat khulai

The first rice-eating ceremony, commonly known as Annaprasan, marks the beginning of solid food in baby’s life. The ceremony celebrates the baby’s transition from a liquid diet to solids. Annaprasan is a Sanskrit term, which literally means “grain initiation”. It is called “Mukhe bhaat” in Bengal, “choroonu” in Kerala and “bhaat khulai” in Garhwal hills.… Read More »